AWANA Program Cont.


Club Awards

Clubbers receive a handbook upon completion of the Entrance Booklet for that club which they will receive on their first AWANA club attendance.  At that time, the handbook and uniform will be purchased.  Various handbook awards are earned by attending regularly with no more than one unexcused absence per quarter from AWANA.  Sunday School awards are earned by attending Sunday School or church on a regular basis with no more than 2 unexcused absences per semester.  (An unexcused absence is anything beyond the control of the clubber).

Uniforms-A uniform may be purchased after the club entrance booklet is completed.  A complete uniform should be worn to every club function unless it is a special dress-up night.  No awards will be given to a clubber who is not in full uniform.  The awards will be kept in reserve until the clubber attends in full uniform.  Uniforms should be kept in good repair with badges, awards, and patches displayed correctly.


All club handbooks                   $11.00
Cubbie Vest                              $11.50
Sparks Vest                              $11.00
T & T Uniforms                         $16/$15
Replacement of lost awards will vary.

Club Dues

Dues-Any quality program costs money to be implemented, so we ask the clubbers to pay dues.  Dues help pay for prizes, awards, trophies, game equipment, etc. but do not cover the cost of handbooks or uniforms which must be purchased separately.  Notice that there are price breaks for paying by the year and for families with more than one child attending club.

Cubbies                        (3-4 year olds)
                        Year     Half-year         Nightly
1st child            $6           $3                    $.25

Sparks and T&T
1st child            $12         $6                    $.50
2nd child           $10         $5                    $.50
3rd child            $8           $4                    $.50
4th child            $6           $3                    $.50


We take our ministry seriously and are not only concerned for the spiritual growth of your child, but also for his/her safety and welfare.  We ask that you drop your child off no earlier than 6:15pm (come sign them in if it is their first time) and pick them up in the AWANA game room at 8:00pm. We will not allow clubbers to go outside to the parking lot without a parent/guardian.  Releasing to older siblings does not count.  You must come inside. If you have made arrangements with someone else to pick up your child, please send a letter with your child for us to put on file and notify us of an EMERGENCY number at which you can personally be reached on Wednesday evenings.


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